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Impactful Grantmaking is a network of funders who are motivated to do the most good they can do. Through our grantmaker training program and cause-specific funding circles, Impactful Grantmaking's aim is to exemplify and grow impact-focused philanthropy.


Strong decision-making is at the core of all we do, and our grantmaking program is designed to equip funders with the key evaluation methodologies and theories necessary to make the highest-quality funding decisions possible.

Our funding circles are intentionally kept small in order to encourage and facilitate meaningful dialogue. We feel that funding circles are a uniquely effective way to create impact: they have the potential to establish coordinated and optimized, yet worldview-diversified funding ecosystems.


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Good grantmaking is surprisingly difficult. Few high-quality and publicly available resources exist to teach funders how to found an evidence-based and highly-effective grantmaking organization. Our team is experienced in running a very successful nonprofit incubation program and we have found that many of the same skills and processes that create impactful nonprofits can also be applied to launching high-impact grantmaking organizations.

Our grantmaker training program avoids direct philanthropic recommendations, and instead focuses on equipping funders with


Decision-making tools, such as theories of change and cost-effectiveness analysis


The skills to make key decisions regarding scope, structure, and strategy


Best practices on evaluating hires and grantee applications

There is no cost for the program, as our goal is to broadly improve the philanthropic community with the invaluable knowledge and skills we have to offer. 

Fundin Circles


We are organizing funding circles in six high-impact cause areas. The circles meet approximately once a month, with granting rounds twice a year. The monthly meetings are both highly informative and enjoyable and are a safe space for new grantmakers to learn and for experienced ones to exchange knowledge with like-minded peers. There is no shared funding pool; each funder makes their own independent granting decisions. While there are no fixed requirements for entry, we prefer funders who are committed to a cause, rather than simply interested in one. We intend for our funding circles to generate impact for members, grantees, and the philanthropic ecosystem at large. Our vision of an ideal grantmaking ecosystem is one with dozens of excellent independent grantmakers (individuals and organizations) that coordinate and share key lessons and heuristics with each other


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